Reputation system ridiculous

My reputation is poor on here but I have not done anything to warrant it.

What kind of a sad freak sits there marking peoples reputation down like that?


Its based on the votes of your posts , in the corner (bottom right) of your post

If people like your post (response/question) they vote + , if they dont they vote - and thats how your reputation is made

Blame the shooter, not the weapon

Recently there were found some spam attacks where spammer was first marking down in order to submit some silly post. Mdomba assured us that those problems were already fixed.

I was also bombarded by that type of attack, and so Mike, and so Trejder…

Bit funny.

But still, Reputation does based on the posts user likes and dislike as said by the Gustavo.

So, always try to post something that is valuable for the community.

As Antonio wrote above… recently as we introduced the anti-spam restictions… we discovered that many SPAMers where trying to find a way to make SPAM posts… and one option they where doing is voting down a post in the "General PHP Topics" sub-forum… or maybe as they do not intend to participate in the forum discussions and are not interested to the content they where voting down just like fun…

so we introduced one more restriction… and that is that new users cannot vote any more… until other restrictions are met… so this non-desirable actions are completely prevented…

And as other wrote… the voting is a deliberate act of any users… so any user can vote any of your posts up/down depending on how they feel about the content of the post…

anyway note that this "rating" is not shown on the post… but only on your profile page… and does not restrict you in any way…

Yes, I can understand if it is the spammers.

But I had images in my head of some "Experienced Yii User" voting noobs down like me just because we are asking basic questions.

How do you think ‘experienced’ Yii users are and how do they became experienced? I remember that I once suggested to translate the definitive guide to other languages, and the guide was actually written already in six… Yes, I know, very lame… Nevertheless, no one of the great guys in this forum voted me down. They even respond with a correct answer.

Asking questions is how you learn and every experienced user know that and followed this same way

So keep on asking what you need and we gladly help if we can

By the way, most of my doubts are basic

A complex system needs a solid base ground of basic knowledge

I think,

If someone asks either basic or advance level Question, must present the question in a way that it is understandable to every one.

People learn not by reading books articles but by practicing, helping other in resolving issues.

If one have a lot of knowledge about something but does not practice it, then it is as one knows nothing.

Good Questions helps in exploring the knowledge of person and helps in enhancing the knowledge

So, Questions either basic or advance should be of the level to not only help the Questioner but also the helper.

I have registered my real name and a real picture of me. I would like to be able to vote.

Is that anyhow possible for me as new user?

Still can’t find that are you sure what you are saying?

Just kidding…


Your participation to the community might make them let you have a right of Vote.

This forum is a community… we don’t need new users to be in the background and just vote here and there existing posts… we need new users to participate in the discussions… posting questions, problems, ideas, possible solutions, …

For voting… as explained above… you need to make few "useful" posts… this way even you can be voted by others…

Its actually sad how spammers attack newbies like us, something should really be done to fix this since it actually might discourage users especially the new ones at that. Also, I appreciate how advance/ experienced Yii users take the time to answer basic posts/questions since it is always a big help learning from the experts. I do hope more advanced users would always be as patient as they answer such questions, kudos to them!

I only noticed that my reputation is -10. Maybe I should have asked more impressive questions. Anyway pressed you plus button. Hope it helps!


You can’t get negative reputation now (AFAIK) as the minus buttons have been removed.

And - in all fairness - James Barnsley sucked at asking questions when he first started out as a Yii community member.

This explains a lot! I used to wonder about some of the people posting with really sucky reputations. :lol:

@jacmoe, Just curious, if you write a wiki article, a thumbs down appears to be a -1. Does this get added to the overall reputation numbers?

The Yii reputation score is separate from the forum reputation score. :)

Have no idea if/how negative votes on extension/wiki pages have an impact on the first.

The forum reputation soce is separted from the yii reputation score (wiki, extension, comments)…

Here! Here!