Render View After Caction Run Call

So the request comes in, /edit/entry.add, is routed to EditController, and this is redirected to the Editor widget:

[indent] public $widgets = array(

	'editor' => 'entry.',

public function actions() {

	return array(

		$this->widgets['editor'] => 'application.components.Editor',


The Editor class extends CWidget and defines a function of actions() which maps the add action to a CAction class:

[indent] public static function actions() {

	return array(

		'add => 'AddAction',


The AddAction class extends CAction has a run() method that performs some logic.

How do I determine which view is routed to next?

In the Controller classes a call to render() or redirect() works, but these are not available to CAction classes. CAction can access the Controller class but calling $this::getController()->render() does not work. A bit confused on how application routing happens once the CAction class’ run() call is completed.