Red Alert: Iurii's Revenge

According to new rules of russian names translit, now I’m IURII. That’s crazy! :(

I wonder how would you pronounce that.

Any link to new rules?

Ah, we have these rules applied for passports for quite some time. Makes it funny with the names such as EVGENIIA.

Yes, and it doesn’t make sense.

Since passport names are uppercased, now I look like a formula (U=IR), or an absolute value (modulus) of URI.


(modulus) of URI is kinda nice :)

Ah, so you’ve been talking about the rules how to spell Russian word with English alphabet. I got it at last.

There are many character sets all around the world that I can’t even pronounce, but IMO the Russian alphabet is the very best kind in its confusing nature. How can I guess г is ‘g’, р is ‘r’ and с is ‘s’!?

And my favorite character is the reversed ‘R’:Я :D

How about these: цшщзъфыджьбю?

In Japanese it’s even more confusing :) ぐへべくぺ

PS. the word written is "дышишь", "you breathe".

Gotta love that one. At times, it reminds me of an old German cursive known as Sütterlin:

Russian cursive…wow