Recruiting a New Team Member

Do you feel that the design of and the Yii demos is boring or ugly? Are you willing to help to make Yii attractive from both inside and outside? If you (or your friend) are good at Web page design, we are cordially inviting you to join the Yii project team.

What This Position Requires

  • Good artistic and Web page design skills

  • Knowledge of PHP and JavaScript is a big plus

  • Responsibility for the design of the Yii project site and Yii demos

What This Position Offers

  • A chance to let your work known by the rapidly expanding Yii user group. Your signature link will appear in the Yii project site and all its demos.

  • Opportunities to be involved in future commercial projects of the Yii team and get paid.

Sorry, there is no financial compensation for this position. It is volunteer work.

If you are interested, please PM me with your design profile or a draft design of the homepage for the Yii project site.

Just tried to design Yii homepage. I'm a web developer but I like to do a web design. It's my hobby.

I want to join the team but I'm afraid that I can not spend more time to help design the application demo because I 'm busy for my projects. I don't want to  make delay to Yii release because I can't finish the application demo design on right time.

I attach a draft design of Yii homepage. It's just a draft with minimum graphics and style. It just show the layout of homepage.

Like Qiang said, it's better with White page background to more readable documentation. So just redesign the homepage draft design.

Logo still in progress so there is no logo in design

On 3 color box (get started, feature, & from blog) will replace with some picture.

The blue box that show performance highlight will show like a slide. I think it will show

*performance benchmarking

*easy to extend from extensions

*component tag like date input

*best feature like built in validation, active record, JQuery widget, cache, etc

Suggest and comment are welcome…

Four "too":

  • too wide

  • too many fonts

  • too many colors

  • too contrast

As a result, my eyes don't feel common mood and harmony.

(be sure, I understand, to criticize is much easier rather to create ;) )

wide will be 960px to fit on 1024 X 768 resolution

2 fonts only will used in this design, Georgia/Serif font for heading tag, and Arial/Sans Serif font for normal text.

colors is not used like you see on draft design, some colors like 3 box will be replace with pictures. Main colors is blue, dark grey, and orange on top of white background

Anyway, thank you for your comment


I'm currently convert the design from Adobe Firework to HTML version but my job also on deadline so it's will be need more time to complete it.


Hi Wanderson,

as a not-at-all designer here are my remarks :

the 'plus"

  • simple and clean : efficient

the "minus"

  • typo (I don't like this font)

  • header could be higher

  • blue color is too flashy on the right colum boxes borders

hope this helps ;)

wow  :o … design 2 and 3 are really cool !! nice font, large header, and some other colors than just blue, they get my vote… what about a dark-but-not-black background ? …otherwise I’d choose the white background (less contrast with main content)

great job Wanderson !!

Hi Wanderson,

Those are great designs, but to me the mirror effect in the buttons cause me immediate eye discomfort. This might be purely psychological, though.

(Back in university days I had a lot of problems with eye strain and could not read for more than one or two hours before lines began to separate. Problems actually went away totally when I abandoned the (complicated) glasses in favour of plain spherical contact lenses. But obviously I'm still afraid it might reappear)


Design Yii homepage

Design 1

Design 2…yii/index2.html

Design 3…yii/index3.html

Design 4…yii/index4.html

Design 5:…yii/index5.html

Design 6: New…yii/index6.html


between 3 and 4 it’s hard to choose, both are really elegant (what about the backroung of 4 with the 3 ?  ;) )

Another thing is, the font-color for post title, "recent post" and "newly added extension" is (in my opinion) too flashy and not comfortable for reading.

great job again !


Thank you "Raoul" by suggestions

new Design 4…yii/index4.html

Thank you for presenting these wonderful designs! I like the 3rd design the most, except that its logo seems a bit too sharp to me and gives me a dangerous feeling.  ;) The logo in the 4rd design looks good to me, perhaps needs a bit further polishing.

you're welcome Wanderson, but it's getting harder to choose now…

Layout 4 has a nice looking header, the menu bar is great, the logo is more rounded ;) but I have a small preference for the dark and elegant layout 3 (with its nice green demo button)… however I prefer logo from layout 4.

…and again this blue is too flashy for me  8)

Please don't change the current website design,

it's already perfect = simple and so easy to use.

I think it only need design at extension page, and forum skinning to match the main website, other than that all looks great.

new Design…yii/index5.html

yes ! … this layout 5 is the one I prefer : it is simple, classic, clear (I like white backgrounds), elegant …

One question : is it on purpose that only the "download yii" box is shadowed and the 2 others are not ?

(small blue title remain too flashy and not easy to read imo)

good Job again !


Design 5: modified…yii/index5.html

Design Yii homepage

Design 1

Design 2…yii/index2.html

Design 3…yii/index3.html

Design 4…yii/index4.html

Design 5:…yii/index5.html

Design 6: New…yii/index6.html

I like design 6