Query on AttributeTypecastBehavior Affecting ActiveRecord’s State


I think Attribute TypecastBehavior should also work on old attribute during afterFind. If not, ActiveRecord seems to stay dirty because of typecasting with typecastingAfterFind.

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I have been reminding posters, especially new ones about this, so I thought I would like a short post, that I will be linking(Publix Passport) to their threads than typing over and over the same thing again. It can help others who goes thru the same issue as me. To make it easy for others to help you make sure you do the following 1. Attempt to solve the Problem This cannot be emphasized enough. Since you are a developer, we expect you to try solve it using your own knowledge and online tools like Stackoverfl…

Hey, I don’t understand what you want to sat. Can you clear this confusion? And thanks in advance for your help.

What am saying is your question is not very clear. The linked post helps frame your question better