How to ask a question that will land you a help

I have been reminding posters, especially new ones about this, so I thought I would like a short post, that I will be linking to their threads than typing over and over the same thing again. It can help others who goes thru the same issue as me.

To make it easy for others to help you make sure you do the following
1. Attempt to solve the Problem
This cannot be emphasized enough. Since you are a developer, we expect you to try solve it using your own knowledge and online tools like Stackoverflow and search engines. Don’t throw your question expecting someone to work for you. For that, hire a developer and pay them to do so. You can do it in Jobs category

2. Show What you have done
After failing to solve it, please let us know what you have accomplished. That should include explanation of the problem, what is working so far and what is not. Then post relevant codes only. Do not throw the whole project, no one have that time. Just extract relevant parts or make simple project that illustrates the issue.

3. Explain clearly what is expected and what you get
For emphasis I repeat again, explain what you expected and what you get. Var dumps, logs, images, et al should apply here. Explain with examples what works and what is not, what was expected and what you actually get.

4. Work on suggestions
Never ignore replies and work on suggestion. Even if you find it dumb, give it a though and give nice reply. Someone volunteered to help you, thank him. You aren’t paying him/her. In addition to that, do not be rude. if you don’t like something, be polite!

5. Share your final solution
Just like you, someone might hit the same snag. So do not disappear with the solution. Post it back to help future visitors.

6. Help others too
Do not be a parasite, that always sucks on others. Help others where you can. Spend short time a day to contribute. It might be the forum, stackoverflow or in Github issues. Wherever you find fun, help!

Enjoy your day!