Put Yii 1.1.x Development Branch On Hold.

Okay, so this might seem drastic, but i really think Yii 1.1.x branch development should be put on hold for now.

All the core developers split their effort between Yii 1 and Yii 2 and that takes allot of their time and make the release of Yii 2 to be delayed a lot. I think having the core developers concentrating only on Yii2 development would be beneficial for Yii itself and for us, the other developers that use Yii.

So my proposition would be, release Yii 1.1.4 then stop there and focus only on Yii2, i don’t really see the point of investing development time in a framework that it’s going to be obsolete in the near future(yeah 1.1. branch, i am talking to you)

Just my two cents on the matter :)

L.E: We can have a poll for this actually and see what the other Yii members think.

You know that ain’t gonna happen.

How would you feel if the Yii team stopped supporting current stable? :)

I am not saying to stop supporting, just put it on hold for a while and concentrate on 2.0 release.

What’s the point of releasing 2.0 in 2015 when 80% of Yii programmers have move along to other frameworks that fit their needs?(having so much time invested in Yii i am one of those who don’t like the change, so i preffer to stick with yii, if possible)


It should not take that long to get 2.0 to stable.

@samdark, yes i can assume it won’t take that long, but you got my point.

From my point of view, as it is right now(without the release of 1.1.4) 1.1.x branch can be used for years from now on, because it simple works, that’s the reason i suggested that you put your efforts in 2.0.

I don’t think it’s necessary to stop developing 1.1.x explicitly.

It’s quite mature and stable by now, and it’s getting harder and harder to make a drastic improvement on it without breaking BC.

I hope the further development (or rather maintenance) of 1.1.x won’t consume that much of the efforts that are needed to drive the development of 2.0.

@softark - yeah, that would do it too :)

Its nice to concentrate on Yii2.

But still we use Yii stable version for upcoming dev also and major sites developed in Yii 1.1.x

So its required full support for V1 and somewhat development if required.