Psd To Html Services When Using Yii And Bootstrap?

Hi guys,

I am going to use Yii with YiiBooster(which is based on the bootstrap extension) to create a prototype for my application. And hopefully I will be able to use it for the final version as well.

Since I am lazy to handwrite the HTML, I wanted to use one of these services, where you upload the design as a PNG or PSD file and they convert it to HTML. Many of them can do it also using bootstrap. Though they don’t do it specifically for Yii.

But then I saw the examples on Chris’ website and on website of the YiiBooster, I thought that I will have to replace most of the code later with the Yii code.

So what do you think, does it still make sense to let them do it? So that I have at least the layout and just need to replace the individual controls with appropriate Yii/bootstrap code?

Thank you!

P.S.: I have very little experience with Yii now. I just managed to install it and analyse the skeleton of the app.

An image is a good start for letting someone know what to do in terms of the visual presentation. Will the page have any complex functionality? If so, then they need to know what will do what. Does button X create a dialog? Is dropdown Y dependent on dropdown Z? Although the image is good, if there is any functionality, you will need to convey that information in some way. Putting together some basic html is straight forward, but when the client then says an object isn’t supposed to be displayed until I click X, then you have a different problem set.

After getting some more on-hand experience and reading docus, I decided to do it on my own. Especially since I am in prototype phase, I didn’t have a clear concept, what I want.

With the YiiBooster extensions it was quite easy. Like playing with LEGO.

You want to manually convert psd to html and then integrate to yiiframework.