Problem with CamelCase in forum?

I just saw that camelcase seems to get auto corrected to lowercase now sometimes by the forum.


(all the following use the correct class names with upper/lowercase letters mixed)




I posted CBehavior with upper case “B”. It get’s modified to lowercase “b” when i save the message.

yeah, I noticed that too. Will report it as a bug.

IPB staff confirmed the bug, but they won’t fix it until other more important bugs are fixed. :(

Is this serious? This attitude is unacceptable from an international software corporate. Their product is used on live servers! How can they allow themselves to let bugs be alive?

They do have the reason. The bug is caused by the security filter. It means fixing the bug may introduce other security issues. Anyway, I don’t like their way of processing the post contents. You may see problems when you try to edit an existing post.

Then fix them all. It’s quite unpleasant experience to see how invision services handles this case.