Problem editing posts in this forum.

Everytime I edit a post in this forum, weird HTML code is including, breaking the post :(

I did not notice this problem… and use the edit constantly… could be a problem with copy/paste ?

Try to write a post (not paste)… and then edit to see if that is the case…

That’s not really a bug - but the editor is horrible.

Whenever you paste anything, you paste also the HTML markup.

Really annoying.>:(

But if you use the backspace and enter key you can remove the junk.

Alternatively, use the ‘Remove formatting’ button.

Unfortunately, that button also removes linebreaks.

You need to be in full edit mode to see it.

Nothing is perfect. ;)

No, I don’t copypaste from WYSIWYG editors (aka MS-Word) which could introduce rogue HTML, I write by hand and just copy the source code from Nano at Konsole or from NetBeans. Then I edit and the text looks cluttered and when I save encoded <br>'s appear and my newlines are deleted.This is done with Firefox 6 Ubuntu Edition.