Printing Wiki Pages Problems

Not sure where to post this so here it is ;D

I have been looking at the forums and wiki pages, getting information on how to use Yii. I have noticed recently that when I print the Wiki pages from my browser I only get one page of the printout plus the footer information. for example Wiki/139 stops just after

I am using Firefox v3.6.17. Printing from the forum works fine. Any ideas or could someone check if there is a problem? Thanks.


Looks like your FF is printing first page only. Are there all pages when doing print preview?

on wiki preview is also one page. This forum is fine. FF used for both.

What’s your FF version and OS? I’m on Windows 7 / latest stable FF4 and it’s fine.

Windows XP-Home, FF3.6.17

Try updating FF.

Try "Print" option