Priceless opportunity for GIT

Hi everybody,

I am searching for a priceless opportunity to use GIT. I have no own GIT server.

I found bitbucket. Is there any other solution?

Many Thx.


Oh sorry…

Add.: I need a private repo. :slight_smile:

So, you don’t need a priceless but a gratis solution? :)

what’s the difference? :slight_smile:

I need private repo FOR FREE :slight_smile:

Priceless is in the same category as invaluable. As for your problem: There’s always the option to hold a local repo. Without a server ;)

Whitout a server, I have now chance to collab. with other users in my team. Or?

Right. Well you could, but syncing all the local repos might turn into a nightmare.

Ok. Nice to know :slight_smile:

So I will use bitbucket :wink: Thx.