Php Strom 5.0

hello friends,

do any one has use php storm 5.0 for creating any yii project as i want to use any IDE which is best for yii to create any project which can give these options :

  • auto suggest of functions

  • redirect to any function file just click on it

  • error reporting at run time

  • also can use for other framework or cms

  • light and easy to use

these are some of the IDE which i know for yii :

  1. eclipse

  2. php storm

  3. codelobuster

  4. do you know any other then please list out here …! :rolleyes:



May I suggest PHPStorm.

Members of the Yii team uses it - probably because they were given free copies, but it has the best Yii support of all editors currently.

That said, NetBeans recently got an updated Yii plugin. Status is not known to me. You should check it out. (As PHPStorm is not free).

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I’m using PhpStorm with great success for both, framework and application development. If you are looking for a good free alternative, feel free to try Netbeans as jacmoe suggested.

I’m using PhpStorm since 2 years ago and I’m still satisfied.

PhpStorm is the best one so far, I think. Version 6 will be released soon with lots of features. Additionally there’s now Yii navigation plugin

[size=2]BTW, you can see the next features and current development status [/size]here[size=2].[/size]