PHP Russia Online 2020

May 13th there will be free online conference I’m preparing. Will be about PHP in general, not Yii-specific but is somehow related to Yii 3. Among great speakers there will be authors of Cycle ORM that is used in Yii 3 demo app, author of PSR-7 implementation we use by default.

Conference language will be English.


Sounds very interesting, there is some important information missing from the website:

  1. What does “online conference” mean, how to participate, over which tools? System requirements?
  2. Date is 13th of May 2020 but what time? :slight_smile:
  1. Online means… online. It will be a video stream. No special technical requirements. If you want to just listen then it’s a browser. If you want to ask questions via voice that adds microphone and (if you want) a camera.
  2. Will be sent separately via email closer to event date.
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Registered! Looking Forward to Join the Conf. :clap:

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Conference’s language will be russian or there will be english presentations?

Will it be in Russian Language?

It will be in English from A to Z.

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Yii! Am in!

That’s going to be big. Almost 3000 participants registered so far.


Event is going to start in <2 days and still no info about time frame? I need to schedule my calendar :slight_smile:

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The time frame is at the website: Scroll down.


Was unable to attend but very interested in some of the talks. Will any of the talks be published on YouTube or other video platform?

In about two weeks all videos will be published after some post-processing.


Videos are ready: