ozzo - qianxue

What is the meaning of OZZO?

What is Qian’s plan to OZZO framework?

I happen find our "boss" Qian create some github programs named OZZO-xxx.

And would like to know why he select Go and what is the new project plan:)

Btw, I am study Scala/Play2 now, but will pay some time to Go if Qian make decision to leverage Go:)

I don’t know about the meaning of the word itself, worth asking Qiang ;)

As far as I know he did that for his current project because components were missing. He hasn’t left Yii and not contributing much these days because of lack of time.

Go, as a language, worth checking. At Stay.com we’re using it for image processing along with Yii. It’s a great companion for PHP I can say.

Thanks for feedback.