Other Web Framework - Scala/Play2

Download Scala/Play2 samples which create by Scott from this link

I love Yii/Yii2, it is productive and easy to express your thoughts to create wonderful web solutions.

So, I still mainly use it :)

Recently, I pay some time to study Scala and Play2 web framework, it is JVM based web framework.

Its features:

  • Concurrency(Akka actor, support thousands and millions user at same time.)

  • Stateless (It will allow your web server extended horizontal and not impact clients)

  • Restful

  • High running speed (if compare to non proactive compiled other web framework)

  • High development speed (still slow if compare to Yii2, since it require type, even provide implicit to easy it)

  • It allow you hot development/deployment even it is compiled, just like script language

I would like Yii2 people to give comments to Play2 web framework in case you also interesting in it.

And advise which features we can introduce into Yii2 framework too??


Scala is interesting, and it was made to be a better java.

But I don’t like that it is proprietary and that it breaks between versions…

If I was to choose a different language than PHP for webdev, I would probably use Golang, Node.js or Clojure. :)

You can compare clojure and scala because they both run on the JVM.

But, if you are going to choose a better java, why not C# and .NET ?

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Thanks for your comments.

Yeah, I also pay some time to learn Golang, Clojure. And very little time for Node.js

Golang can compiled to exe, good at server side, Beego is one of good web framework developed by a Chinese team. It still not as mature as Scala/Play2. It has killer app such as Docker.

Clojure is dialect of Lisp base on JVM. It is nice language too. However, Scala speed and deployment is better.

You know Storm not as famous as Spark.

As for C#/.Net, It sound good too, but it cannot run at *nix, even it has plan move to open source now, but it is not easy happen quickly. And the installation is huge. You know I can "activator dist" to package my Play2 web site to a zip, and easily start it without any J2EE container, just need JVM run time, very convenient.

As for Scala/Play2 "proprietary", do you mean we cannot use it freely? I thought it is free?

In opinion of "breaks between versions", yeah it existing since typesafe company would like create better one, however the source level almost compatible, and SBT can cope with that diversity, right?

In short, I personally consider Scala/Play2 is better than Golang/Clojure/C# web base on above opinions.

The challenges is you need deep dive into Scala and Java in case want become experts.

For quickly start, we can just study Scala & Play2 and develop web quickly base on idiomatic usage.

And JVM give you many possibles.

At last, I still like PHP+Yii2, thanks for team to develop so good framework. Thanks.

I forgot Python :)

Would probably make my next website using that.

Not sure if it’s going to be Django or Flask, but Python is supported on Dreamhost shared hosting, which I am using.

Go and Node.js requires a VPS, unfortunately.

I don’t think it supports JVM either.

If Dreamhost shared supported Node.js, I would strongly consider using that because then the frontend and backend code would use the same language.

And I am already using a lot of Node.js for my theming workflow (Gulp).

So many choices!

And, still: for medium to large size projects, Yii is the excellent choice.

Because of the way it is written, and because it is based on PHP which is universally supported.

For really small sites, I would use Silex…

Thanks for the advice. You are elite!

I would use Yii2 instead of Python for web:) since it also script language.

You have to choose some compiled language when your web grow up. You know Facebook also try to compile PHP:)

Facebook approach to traditionally compile PHP kinda failed and I think that Facebook issues with the approach could be applied to Go.

Play framework looks nice but I don’t want to get back to JVM for web. I’ve left it because it was overly complex for relatively simple web stuff. Of course, at that time there was no Play framework and old version of Spring and later wicket were trendy. Java’s perfect fit for Android though. I’ve developed a lot with it during last year.

I can’t wait until they switch to Go for Android development :)

Play2 totally different than old Java SSH, you can try it:) The concept quite similar with Yii2, they use twirl, you can write scala into the template easily.

Go also popular in China, one Chinese team even create Beego framework, quite popular now. Wow, I just learned that FB would like adopt Go? It would be a great win to Go.

G would recommend Dart instead of Go for Android :D

Btw, why you not like JVM? Both Scala/Clojure/Kotlin base on JVM and doing well.

Because of Oracle. They seem to be destroying everything that they acquire (MySQL?)

Because Java is insecure. And incredibly bloated.

And because Java is a quirky language.

And because I am a C++ programmer. :)

I talk about JVM, not JAVA.

Scala is functional language and can build code to run on JVM. Clojure is LISP dialect. Kotlin try to simplify Scala.

Anyway, you have freedom to choice by yourself:)

There is a lot of Java in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) :lol:

I know that there are cool languages running on that machine (JVM) and taking advantage of it.

Personally, I don’t feel like investing a lot of my time and effort into those languages that target that platform, for the same reasons that I probably won’t get myself into the whole .NET web platform.

I learned ASP back in 2000 and I quickly went over to PHP :P

Lisp I like.

But I think I’ll stick to regular lisp.

Besides, my brain is too small :D

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Scala isn’t cool.

It is. :)

I found Play some years ago: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/12879-yii-like-java-framework/

In the end, I didn’t use any framework. Just java standard libraries and some third party lib.

Why not use framework? Do you have enough time to build everything? And ensure the quality is better than framework??

For normal web solution, Yii2 is enough already.

For Study or You web grow huge enough, you can try Play2 now. Really good framework.

I am interesting in this project since:

  1. It write by Scala, very expressive functional language.

  2. Typesafe company formal support this framework, have full time employees to continue develop it.

  3. It like Yii2, strong but easy to ramp up.

  4. Full stack… … many features