Opera 11 finally better than Firefox

I use Firefox for day-to-day use and also for debugging client side stuff (Firebug is awesome). I find Firefox easy to use and configure. I also use Chrome along side it for permanently storing certain tabs from my Firefox session (although Firefox can do that, I just don’t like to clutter it up).

I agree with Y!! though, Firefox has performance/memory issues (partly caused by Firebug). It’s best to minimise your addons down to the essentials.

About the Opera inserting extra line breaks, I’m not an Opera user, but are both of you using different versions and/or operating systems?

Good question. :)

I am on Windows Vista, so maybe …

I realised that if I masked Opera as Firefox, the lines problem went away, but then all javascript stopped working.:lol:

I am maybe doomed.

Will try it on my Linux box later. ;)

I like Firefox, but - like Windows - it needs to be restarted sometimes and told to take out the garbage.

I’m on Windows 7 using 11.00 beta build 1111.

I use firefox as a development tool, not browser. IMHO, there isn’t any browser offering Firebug alternatives. Also, there is plenty amount of other useful plugins for it (like mentioned Live http headers).

Opera is best as a general-purpose browser, because it’s fast and stable :)

Edit: In my opinion question in the poll needs to be reformulated: What browser do you use in development|surfing?

Slightly OT, but nevertheless interesting: Global browser stats


Oh, please! let the blue line go down, let the blue line go down :)

I was on your opinion, with its last release I was amazed by its debugging console. Nevertheless, Chrome has done quite a good work and is built-in, no extension required. Also, for PHP (even though we don’t need it thanks to CWebLogRoute) they have an extension called ChromePHP… quite good. They are catching up…

And you know? I couldnt get down the 500 MB memory use by Firefox, Chrome handles my strong debug not going further than 80 MB.

I’m with you on this … :D




[size=“3”][color="#1C2837"][size=2]Agree, one of the main reasons why i switched to Chrome. If only they wouldn’t shake up the displayed HTTP headers in their developer tools, Chrome would be perfect.[/size][/color][/size]

But I really wonder were the memory issues (leaks?) with Firefox come from. I’ve tested some time ago with disabled Firebug, which could be a possible source for these issues, but still no luck. After hours of work I can close all tabs, wait for X minutes, but still it uses > 500mb memory and is very laggy (takes up to 1-2 seconds until a click is registered).

But I use Opera now as noted. By the way version 11 final is out. They did a good job fixing the beta bugs (at least the one I’ve noticed).

I would like to share with you this little discovery. After mumbling around why this memory thing o 512MB was affecting Firefox I did some research and came across this interesting article : http://kb.mozillazine.org/Memory_Leak. And one of the things that says is:

So I tweak around those default configurations, I did this:


network.http.use-cache;true ---- but on this disk :) see next

browser.cache.disk.enable;true – by default anyway

if you have browser.cache.memory.enable to true then set the browser.cache.memory.capacity to any of the one specified on this page but -1


And guess what… chrome and firefox with five tabs open (see atached picture so you can trust me)

So… I think the problem of the misterios memory consumption is about to be clarified :)


Opera is better than Firefox,

Chrome is better than Opera

It’s no doubt that firefox is the best browser for pro-users

FireFox 4.x was really a disappointment… And I believe that FireFox 5.x is not going to be any better.

Faster, my buttocks!

Firefox is pretty slow to start on systems with a slow CPU (i.e. Atom etc.), Chrome is faster to start up. But I think that Firefox 4/5 is overall better because of the better extensions system.

I am using Firefox(actually Iceweasel) on Debian, I used it before on windows too, but starting from version 3.x it started to get slower and slower, because many built in features, which I really don’t need(especially in version 4). And it started to break, because memory leak on some sites.

I am also using Chrome, and I really like its simplicity and speed, maybe I will switch to it soon.

Opera, is ok for end users, but for web developers there are better choices(both Firefox and Chrome).

I’m using Opera since version 9 and I’ve to say it’s really innovative and different. I can understand why people even don’t try it once, because it’s a baby from another world :) and yeah, firefox, chrome and safari known as “special” and “professional” for many people, but just for them.


I do use Opera since the very beginning and still use from time to time but…

Opera has always been "bleeding edge" in browser technology. Many sites does not look right and it always work different then the rest.

I know there are many issue with FF but the extension that I use make me stick with FF for development, IE for enterprise, Chromium for quick start up, Opera for checking out stuff

I use Opera as well as my primiary browser. Recently I still used Firefox pretty often, but now since I installed some extensions, I miss almost nothing on Opera.

It looks like Opera Dragonfly (which is integrated in Opera by default, press ctrl+shift+i) offers the same functionality as Firebug. Operas plugin FastestTube is also a bit nicer than Firefoxs DownloadHelper. The last often doesn’t give the possiblity to download HD YouTube Videos, even though it exists.

I am definitely going to use Opera as my primary browser.

Safari is the best (mostly due to Apple pushing Flash-replacing features into it).

Firefox - in terms of new HTML5 and CSS3 features - is down there, just above IE.

Chrome is between Opera and FF.

So I am going to develop after webkit based browsers (Safari) first, use Opera for it’s developer features, then check if it works in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

I am guilty of using FF as my primary browser now, but that has to end. :)