Open Yii Files In Netbeans


I’m new in yii

how can I open the Yii files in netbeans to edit them.

I create new php project by existing sources in Netbeans and choose the folder of yii but its open an empty project.!!

Can anyone help me plz!

Thank you

NetBeans - File - Open File … - Select your file to open it. Edit it. Save. Done.

If you created a new project with existing sources, you should have add the sources in the second step at creating the project.

But the best way to programm with Yii and NetBeans is to install the PHP Yii Framework Plugin. Go to Tools - Options and search under Available Plugins for php yii. When you’ve installed the plugin, you can easily add the path to the script file under Tools - Options - PHP - Yii. You need to set your path to the framework yiic.php file.

At the last step on creating a new php application project you can activ a checkbox for using the yii framework in the NetBeans Project.