Open Source (Yii) Bug Tracking

In case anyone is interested, I started a Kickstarter to open source a nice looking Yii powered bug tracking web app.

Separately, if anyone is interested in helping to finish it (if we don’t make our goal) please let me know, id love to share what I’ve started.


thats great. i have interest on this project but before i commit myself i’ll love to know some basis e.g database( mySql or MongoDB),

front end (jquery or Backbone or knockout e.t.c ).

what is the level of the project completion ? ( 50% or 70%).

We’re currently hosted on an Amazon RDS instance, so MySQL, the front end is Jquery. We experimented with Backbone but in our tests we were able to get jquery just as fast.

I would say its at 80-90% completion.

Some images and more info:


Instant search

Group tickets into projects

Custom user permissions

Realtime notifications via Node.js

Set deadlines w/ auto reminders (email)

Assign tickets to groups

Save filter selections

Custom labels

Keyboard shortcuts

Negative filters (show all but filter X)

Drag and Drop to apply a filter/remove/assign a user

External website form submission

BugKick API

Export all your account info and tickets (why trust us? be able to leave at any moment

looks great,

clean & nice UI, whats left to code?

Unfortunately project did not make it on KickStarter. Still it would be great if it will be finished.

I think the project looks great, but didn’t they go overboard and send unsolicited PMs to a lot of Yii forum members?

It’s a pity.

I actually reported the project on Kickstarter, because there is no excuse for being spammy - no matter how cool the project is.


I’ve not received any PMs. Too bad if it was like that. There are many other ways of telling people about the project.

It’s a pity.

The reported user has been deleted by a moderator, but this is what he/she sent to numerous people:

Interestingly, the links points to Musopen’s (AaronD) project on Kickstarter.

I got a PM as well, so that makes it at least two - I suspect that there were many more as the user responsible has been deleted from our memberbase.

No matter how cool a project is, there is no excuse for unsolicited means of contact (AKA spam).

You can find a copy of it in the ‘reports’ section of the forum if you’re a mod.

I’ve been a little skeptical about who was in fact behind those spamming … thinking that someone who hates AaronD might have been the one. Because it will obviously give damage to his project.

If it really was he that spammed, he was not clever enough to forecast the apparent consequence.

I’d like to hear from him … Are you watching, AaronD?

I also got the proposal of work from "harry_12" for that "KICKSTARTER" project,

But now i think that member is deleted… :D

Hi everyone, Aaron here. First, apologies for the spamming. I had hired someone to help market the app to blogs where users would be interested, and clearly he went overboard instead emailing everyone.

We’ve made nice progress on our bug software and want to release a beta soon. I realized that as we are open source, I really should try to involve other users that are interested in helping so its not just me and my developers. If anyone would like to help build extensions or core functionality for the app, please send me a PM or write here. I would be happy to compensate for your time with free hosted BugKick accounts for life and some money from the funds we raised. Ideally we are looking for help spreading its usefulness, for example, mobile apps, plugins, extensions etc.



AaronD, do you plan putting it to github?

looks a great project , it will be better host on github :lol:

I believe we are using bitbucket right now, but we can definitely put it on github instead.

and the bitbucket address is ?? ::)

I guess this is the one

looks great.

really intersting… nice work