Open Real Estate Cms Based On Yii Framework

We are glad to represent you a free Open Real Estate CMS for websites of realtors and real estate agencies. It is ready to use. Just click

On this page you can find links to download the product and to try its DEMO.

In case you find bugs or issues, contact us.

We will be glad to know your opinion about the product, and whether you wish to add to it some new functions or not (in case the product has all the functions which you expect).

Thank you in advance.

this is cool. in the demo login page i think you should define a different layout

when you list property it throws up 500 error " Property "Apartment.address_ru"i s not defined.

This error has been corrected, please re-download CMS.

There’s no license file included? Is this same license with YII ?


Edit: My bad, it;s GPLv2

:lol: thanks

Fix non-critical bugs in the ORE v.1.4.2


how to customize title and meta description

A new version of Open Real Estate 1.5.0 -

This is possible with on paid module "SEO" OR in the paid version of ORE (


A new version of Open Real Estate 1.6.0 is released.

What is done:

  • an opportunity to add a panorama to the listing (in the form of a wide angle panorama-image) or a ready 3-D virtual tour in the form of a SWF file;

  • the module of news is rewritten. Now you can add an image to the news that will be displayed in the list of news as well as in the news, plus now it is possible to specify an annonce of the news (a text that will be displayed the list of news to attract attention of the users);

  • a new paid module - interaction with the service ‘Yandex.Realty’ (it is included in the paid PRO version);

  • a great variety of small improvements and bug fixes

Good project!!

Thank you.

Some non-critical issues have been found since the release of version 1.6.0.

If u don’t know Yii properly then can not use . customization is so hard and no support are community help . i have write many times for some issue but still not get any response except buy pro version

It’s no wonder. ORE based on Yii framework :wink:

You asked in a email:

"how to make url search engine friendly.i want in the place of id it will show the title of property."

We answered:

"You can see module SEO:

Try the module here:

If it is what you want - you can buy this module, its price is 119 USD."

We didn’t write about purchase of the BASIC / PRO / Ultimate version. Don’t lie.

Ask questions in the our forum. But at forum we do not help for more "global changes" in the code.

For "global changes" you can send us the list of changes that you need via a contact form.

We evaluate it and say you the price.

On the Russian forum 3638 posts, 669 topics and 378 members.

We provide free support both the free version and paid.

How can I pay to buy ?


For PRO version you can pay to our PayPal account.

To purchase, please contact us -

As we approach the New Year and due to the near release of Open Real Estate 1.7, our company makes a special offer.

Read more:


A new version of Open Real Estate 1.7.0 is released.

I’m eagerly waiting for 1.8 - new version of this product!

Hope to hear the announcement soon :rolleyes: