Open Real Estate Cms Based On Yii Framework

(Redhen 07) #21

why i got this error on my ubuntu lamp server,

Для установки продукта необходима поддержка mod_rewrite!

i try to chmod 777 -R but same error i got…

there is no error on my virtualmachine windows using xammp server…

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(Monoraystudio) #23

Or: Try to insert your­website/index.php?r=install/main/index in the address bar

(Redhen 07) #24

i try to follow all guide on how to mod_rewrite but same error i got…

i try this also but it will redirecto me to same error

(Redhen 07) #25

i got it!! thanx, i try to All an my /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

(Sanjay Khadka) #26

I’ve downloaded the basic free version to try it out on localhost. But couldn’t find the database. Why is it so?

If you don’t want to give database, then what is the use of putting the code as open source. Or am I missing something or am I not finding out the database files.

If I am wrong, can you point out the location where you have put the database sql files.


(Monoraystudio) #27

In the protected\modules\install\data\open-re.sql file

(Monoraystudio) #28

We have released the new version of the script with even more features.


(B3taboy) #29

I got the same Error and I have installed mod_rewrite.

Can you please give me the solution for this error?

I’m on version 181.

Thank you

(Monoraystudio) #30

Please describe all errors on our forum -

We kindly ask you to elaborate it on the detail -

(Monoraystudio) #31


We are pleased to introduce you the updated version of Open Real Estate.

You can read more about innovations here:

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"Atlas" theme for Open Real Estate CMS -

Here are the main advantages:

  • Unique design

  • Responsive page layout

(Monoraystudio) #33

Open Real Estate 1.10.0:

  • Search by user type;

  • Search by ads "only with photos";

  • Fields management: the option to connect listing’s parameters to different tabs and fields assorting;

  • Module "Customers": the basic customer accounting (add/edit/data view);


(Marc Oliveras) #34

I find the paid version of Monoray CMS very expensive. The Monoray CMS Ultimate is $749!!!

Look at the prices

(Monoraystudio) #35

The new version ( 1.11.0 ) of CMS Open Real Estate has been released.

  • A new paid module "Tariff Plans";

  • A new paid module "Role-Based Access Control". Allows to add moderators;

  • A new module "Blacklist IP";

  • Module of Advertising Banners. The ability to insert JS-code directly;

  • Jquery captcha;

  • New payment systems: PayMaster, LiqPay and W1;


(Monoraystudio) #36


We’re glad to present a new version of CMS for real estate agencies and realtors - Open Real Estate 1.14!

Version 1.14 is remarkable by its innovative fucntionality:

  1. Nested objects. For example, apartment in apartment building or rooms in hotel.

  2. 'Seasonal prices’module, which allows to set different prices for different periods of the year to ‘Rent’ listings. For example, prices in high season can be higher, than during low one.

For further information read more:

(Monoraystudio) #37


The new version of CMS Open Real Estate has been released.

What’s new:

  • online booking payment (available only with modules ‘Booking calendar’ and ‘Payments and paid services’);

  • new paid add-on ‘History of changes’;

  • new paid add-on ‘Metro stations’;

  • new add-on ‘Materials’. Now you can create content categories of your own: news, article, blog and assign categories to newly created materials (news, articles, posts);

For further information read more:

(Govnokod) #38


How can I remove "Powered by Open Real Estate" from the site footer?

(Jacob Moen) #39

By buying the product. Obviously, since it is plainly and clearly written on the front page of Open Real Estate.


It costs 49$ to remove the powered by - send them an email.

(Govnokod) #40