open cart and yii

Could someone take a look to open cart and tell me, is it worth to move it to yii.

  • open cart is in MVC, and is very simple written, but im not a pro php coder and i cant decide, is better stay with his oryginal core, and extend it, or move it to yii.

  • if i will move it to yii -> there will be any cons? ( on yii will be slower)

You mean you want to rewrite OpenCart on the Yii Framework?

yes, but, but i cant decide what is better solution, spend some time and revrite it, or extend original core.

I’d like a Yii-based cart, but it’s a big effort to rewrite a whole cart script.

dont underestimate a rewrite

A rewrite would take a lot of time to do and would be annoying to maintain (any changes they make, you would have to rewrite the changes in your version).

"Better" solutions would be either to extend or wrap the cart.

Well, he could just write a Yii-based cart taking ideas from OpenCart without doing a 1:1 rewrite.

I did think about this but Yii is BSD while OpenCart is GPL so you couldn’t use the wrapper into a not-GPL-compatible script if you use/link OpenCart code, the wrapper should use new code or just use the OpenCart database without using the OpenCart php code.

Codeigniter has a simple cart that I would like to see ported.

Any news on that?


Any cart software for yii?

I just need a simple cart.

I haven’t tested it but there is a shopping cart extension in Yiiext -

I hope it’s not too late, I have integrated Opencart and Yii.

Here is a link how

Integrate Opencart and Yii