One more site for you to tell people not to use IE6 anymore

I am starting to develop some little and big projects, one inevitable question is: do I support IE6?

Well, my personal take is, I will try to make my sites and apps compatible with IE6, but only if the consequences (i.e. increased development time and code complexity) are negligible.

Naturally, I would want to direct my IE6 users to a “stop IE6 / save the developers” kind of site, encouraging them to upgrade their browser. After some quick Google searches, I can’t actually find one that is simple and pretty.

So, I reinvented the wheels. Meet!

Please spread the site around and tweet about it, so more and more web developers and designers can start using it, and hopefully more and more users will become aware of the fact that using IE6 is a bad thing.

Are you aware that Microsoft will support IE6 for a couple of more years? From a business point of view, this is good.

IE6 should die. Now.

If you add multi-language support (manual selection + auto-detection based on the browser language) I can translate it to Italian.

There’s an error

IE 8 is included in Europe too, but there’s a ballot screen where you can choose another browser.

are you are aware of google frame, and the ability to display a popup if IE6 is detected (and redirect to install the google frame plugin)?

Force users to install something from a web page is not really nice, most users will just leave the site.

I truly agree! Why should such a browser exist anyways? It doesn’t support plugins or widgets. Nor does it help developers in any way. It simply prompts an error has occured, shows the code, line number and that’s it.