There are a lot of hot topics discussing Node.js

as the next big thing in webserver development.

im just curious if anyone on the forum is equally interested on it as I am. :)


I think it may eventually kill off competing platforms (LAMP/WAMP/MAMP), Rails, etc.

As soon as the ‘killer’ framework comes out for node.js watch out!

and the good thing about Node.js

is the learning curve is almost zero,

because it’s syntax is almost/identical

to javascript that we all use.

already, a lot of big names like m$

are funding the project.

it’s funny to think that m$ is

supporting it bcoz Node.js

is a web server/flatform that will

directly compete w/ thiers when it matured.

or are they’re abandoning IIS as well as .Net?

just a random thought, if Node.js become a stable web server,

is there any possibility that Yii could be ported on it? :)

I don’t think Yii will suit node’s workflow.

Just for curiosity

Here its a new nodeJS project inspired by Yii.

Take a look:

I had the same question and found a simple port of Yii for nodejs. It doesn’t support AR and some other features. As i can see it’s for console applications only. I haven’t tested it yet, but if someone have interest try it )

interesting :lol: , will have look at that !