Newbie question: Yii features

Hi all,

Our company is considering switching from Joomla to Yii. We are impressed by the simplicity and the flexibility that Yii provides. I would like to ask your options about the availability of the following features in Yii:

  1. Concurrent editting

  2. Multi-lingual

  3. Different layout for different devices

Thank you.




I recommend the use of Yii

I worked with Zend for a long time, and after try out Yii I’ve never come back.

Hi Gustavo, thanks for your reply. I am reading the book "Agile Web Application Development with Yii1.1 and PHP5" by Jeffrey Winesett to get a grasp of Yii. However, it seems that the book does not mention about the feature concurrent editing at all. Could you elaborate a little bit on how Yii can support a team-work environment? Do we need to use SVN/CVS, or there are already some build-in features to do that?

Thanks you.

No built-in features, but SVN would do the trick

It does for my company

Glad I could help and keep on asking if you still have any doubt

Maybe you should explain what you mean with “concurrent editing”: Since you mentioned Joomla, you probably don’t mean editing the application source code but editing content (e.g. in a CMS)? That’s a completely different story and SVN wouldn’t help you here.

true what Mike said …

but that can be solved programming

if it’s it, ajax would do the trick

Yes, I mean editing the content. It seems that we have to implement it. Thank you very much for your kind help.