New Yii site is great but the Wiki isn't as great as it was...

I honestly think the new Yii site is a big step forward. But I think it’s lost one of the best features in the change and I think it’s a step back in terms of selling how popular the framework is.

The homepage now shows NO sign of how active the community and that’s a big set back. The sign of a strong & active community is seeing how much new work is being done, and originally the previous Yii site had a widget on the homepage that showed the latest entries on the Cookbook (now known as the Wiki).

With this now gone, you have no concept of how active people are when adding new content/guides/tips & tricks to the Wiki. This diminishes the use of the Yii homepage, and makes it feel more ‘static’ and kind of lets the community down.

You now have to click through to find out what’s been added recently, and the changes to this page I feel also a step back.

Now, I understand the Wiki list is ordered by what’s been updated/added recently, and that’s useful - BUT - when if you’re looking for a specific article or want to browse for inspiration (i.e. just ways to improve how you work with Yii or find out about features you didn’t know about), it was ordered in a really logical way.

So, would there be any room for improvement - maybe to allow the ability to switch the view between the current view and the previous view that was available? Or maybe even add a new ‘Sort by Title’ option? This, to me, would be a big improvement and make the Wiki more friendly.

What do you guys think?