New Yii forum software


I noticed the other day that SMF 2 beta was dropped and IP.Board is now used for the forum discussions. I understand that IP.Board is not free (both in cost and as free software). Are there any particular reasons SMF was not enough and IP.Board was chosen instead?


Probably the amount of features it has over SMF, And even if SMF has something IPB doesn’t there is a high chance that there is a modification for IPB to do the same thing. Overall IPB is a lot more advanced, As Yii framework, You would like to have the best forum software available for one of the top (if not the highest) framework out there.

Unfortunatly IPB does not seem to have a good SMF conversion tool - so all links are now br0ken and this is really extremely annoying. This should have been checked BEFORE the change…

I don’t think IPB is a lot more better than SMF. IMHO, SMF fit the functionality just fine. It could use some minor modifications, but other than that, being free is more important in this case than having a forum with a few more advanced features. Which features does SMF lack when compared to IPB?

Plus the attachments are broken. I had two screenshots that led to /dev/null and I deleted them.

Qiang, do you administer the forum?