New To Yii

Hi all,

New to Yii and to the forum. I found the Yii framework while researching PHP frameworks for a class project I’ve been tasked with doing the development work on. I’ve done some basic PHP programming such as writing add-ons for existing systems and I’ve created basic PHP apps using no framework of any kind.

I’ve been tasked with creating an event booking “app” that offers the basic functionality of:

Display landing page/Events on a calender and in a list —> (user selects event) --> Display available times – (user selection) --> Fill out registration form (Name, address, etc) --> Submit to Paypal for payment --> Process PP IPN notification --> Display receipt/confirmation page.

That’s it…well, except for the standard back-end admin functionality for reporting on registrations, changing events, marking cancellations, etc.

I could do all of this without using a framework, but looking around it seems as though Yii could be a real time saver even if there is a small learning curve to getting started with the framework.

I don’t really have any questions at this point since I haven’t actually started playing around with Yii, but I wanted to post to introduce myself and briefly go over what I’m planning to use Yii for. That said, any comments are certainly welcome!

Glad to be here.


Welcome to the forums. Feel free to ask questions either here or in the official IRC.

Thanks for the welcome, Samdark. In case you’re interested, the project I’ve outlined above is being done as part of a capstone course in my graduate degree program. The capstone course involves a group project–designing and implementing a ‘real’ software solution for a business customer. So we’ve chosen to help out a small non-profit organization with designing a simple event booking app.

Probably not a good time to be learning a new framework and jumping right into developing a production app, but I think I should have plenty of time to familiarize myself with the framework and get the work done. I hope so anyway!

Just to add… I just picked up your book to help me along the way. Waiting on Amazon to get it here. B)