New to all this


A little "introduction":

Studying computer science (some experience with, Java, C++, Python, C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and maby som others I´ve forgotten).

Planning to build my own community (kind of facebook but for my friends, 50 users or so).

I´m not that familiar with PHP but I´m not born in the barn (or whatever the saying is). Have been using PHP+MySQL so I know the basics.

The features I´m planning to have on the site:

  • Feed (what your friends posted and so on)

  • Profile

  • Your own profile feed

  • PM

  • Events

  • Notifications

  • Forum (probably bridge some external, phpBB3)

Before I start I´m going to read these tutorials and introductions:

  • [b]Understanding MVC by Larry Ullman (Yii friendly)

  • Learning the Yii framework by Larry Ullman[/b]

(edit. wasnt allowed to make links so google it if you havent read them)

Is there any other blog you think could be good for me to read or maby some awesome youtubes?

What software do you prefer coding in?

Someone have probably done this already, any advices? Examples?

Hope this post is in the right forum.

ps. Any Swedish users? :wink:

Welcome to the Yii forum…

The first thing for all newcommers is the Definitive Guide to Yii -

This will cover all the basics… after that you can check other guides like those from Larry… and there is the blog tutorial too -

Thanks for the input! My plan was to read it after Larrys, but I should probably listen to you. I´ve read 2/3 of the MVC guide so I will read it, then re read it again so I really get it :smiley:

I thought one of the best is the Yii Music Store screen cast on YouTube, as for software I highly recommend downloading VirtualBox and Linux Mint and install Netbeans (Give Postgres a try it’s not like the old days when it didn’t have native full text search). If your like me and use your computer for work and play and when you work you have 20+ windows open and files scattered all over the place, it’s nice to know at the end of the day you can hit close and save the machine state and pop open Skyrim and it’s there waiting for me the next day.

Hehehe! Know what you mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Used Netbeans when coding in Java.

Tried Aptana 3 (google, too new account for linking at this forum) when I coded in PHP. Its based on Eclipse. Supports code completion for PHP and jQuery if I remember it right. If Netbeans work, then Aptana will do it for sure :smiley:

Thanks for the youtube advice!

Found this to learn MVC:

Tutorial 21 and the creating your own MVC is pretty good when trying to understand how MVC works.