Netbeans sync

Not a Yii specific question but my google-fu is not working tonight. I am using Netbeans 6.9.1 and its working great. I have a local project and use the ‘Copy files from the sources folder to another location’ option to copy my project out to xampp. This is working fine but I was wondering, does anyone know how I can automatically sync files created in my folder published in xampp back to my working directory. Case in point is every time I use Gii to create crud/models/controllers etc, they get created in the project under xampp I have to manually copy the files gii created back to my working directory which is obviously error prone if I am not watching what I am doing.

Why do you use the copy option… you can creating the project directly in the xampp folder… just put the netbeans metadata in another folder (optional)…

mdomba is right. Put your files directly in your XAMPP htdocs folder, import then with PHP Application with Existing Sources option selected in the first step of New Project dialog and then mark Put Netbeans metadata into a separate directory option in the second step.