netbeans shortcut keys problem

hi there

when i change my language(for ex in persian(farsi)) in ubuntu 14.04, the shortcut keys like ctrl+1, ctrl+s , … not working and have to change the lang to eng again and hit those buttons

this problem only is in netbeans and in for ex gedit , … every thing is ok

btw, i add an auto save plugin to the file after lose focus but this plugin only is useful for save command.

how to solve short cut keys problem?

thanks in advanced

can be related to this ubuntu bug -

thank you

does it solved?

i couldnt understand how to use that link to solve my problem

That link explains there is a bug in unity for non-latin keyboard layout in 13.10, 14.04, 14.04.1, 14.10

[size=2]If you check the comments on that page there is netBeans mentioned few times.[/size]

Did you try to update your system? If it’s still not working [size=2]I guess you will need to wait for the bug to be fixed and released as an update. [/size]