Netbeans Php Community Council: Frameworks Board

Hello guys, I’m the leader of NetBeans PHP Council, I’m looking forward creating a Frameworks Board inside of the Council. This will facilitate creating the NB plugins that cover the most part of the features needed by day to day PHP developer. The council members voted for creating an Yii framework plugin. But we don’t have any experts on the framework, so if you want to join do read nbphpcouncil at org.

What is needed from experts in one particular framework(Yii for instance) is to gather most info and create a kind of spec for the plugin.

What do you think? Can you be among those first Frameworks Board members ? Do you want to participate?

Thank you,


That’s huge!

I like the idea. I believe that there is a lot that NetBeans can do to ease the development of framework-based Web apps.

I’ll check the link.

I remember someone offering a beta Yii framework plugin for Netbeans - it was some time ago - I’ll see if I can find out who it was.

jacmoe, are you referring to this thread?

I’ve joined the group.

Saw you there, good suggestions.

Do you believe that we should setup a survey for the Yii users to contribute their pain points with their current IDE’s?

Yes - thanks for finding it! :)

Yes, I think that would be a valuable information.

It seems Open Atrium isn’t a good choice. Most of the time project is not available because of load.

Hm, interesting, I have no problems with it, I will ask other members if they experience the same problems, they have by default mod_security enabled which puts your IP in black list if access more than 5 times in 300 seconds,

or something like these. I’ll check if you got there.

Can anyone else confirm Alex problems?

I’ve never had problems there.