mySql or MongoDB

Hi guys,

I really need some good advice folks. I am about to start a personal project that, if successful, will have to work with lots of amount of data and checking recently tendencies I have been quite impressed with NoSQL databases, more precisely MongoDB.

So here are my question, would you start from scratch a project that uses that technology, even though the process will be a bit more slow due to the need of learning such tech in advance properly learn? Or would you stick with mySQL even though you know that your project will one day change?

Have you guys worked with mongoDB? What do you think about it?

Thanks in advance!

I had a look at couch DB some time ago. Not sure, but i think it’s using a similar approach like MongoDB. In my opinion i would not use such a system if i don’t really need it. The reason for this is simply: I know more about relational databases and how to work with them or improve their performance (“never change a winning team”).

The only case where couchDB would be an option for me would be, if i have very complex datasets that are hard to map to a relational database.

It depends totally on your case. as I have read case studies for mongodb it seems really impressive. I’m also considering using mongodb for my project, but have some issues with that relational db knowledge kinda makes me kneel everytime i try to make logical datasets, on other hand people reporting huge improvements in performance while using mongodb, as for me I’m looking forward to use mongodb as it seems really viable case, large amount of different datasets and mysql would be real headache also large amount of data.

Thanks both for such positive feedback. As you can see, both of you represent the factors of my doubts, on one side I have strong knowledge on relation database and on the other hand the performance reports from other people.

One golden rule for me that comes to mind here is “Never trust the hype!”. :)

Already convinced… thanks both

I haven’t use it before, but I was thinking of using both together - where mongodb will go to parts where I need flexible schema.

Yeah, I still thinking how the relations work among documents and gridFs elements and I do not have time to play with it. :(


Canni has developed two great extensions.


Allows you to interactive with MongoDB like AR


I will say it is the PHPMyAdmin for MongoDB

I am using both to replace EAV based on RDBM only.

Thanks for pointing that out Pradham, I already downloaded that great extension, and I use a different MongoDB admin. Nevertheless, I think that i will stick with RDMS until I need more flexibility on the future.