multilingual site or multiple domains

Lately I am reading interesting thoughts on how to implement a multilingual website. All thoughts range from placing all languages into one website to having a subdomain for each translation to having different domains for each language.

What do you think? Do you have a prefered way and why?

In one of my project, client use one domain for each language.

I would like to have a sub domain for each of language or to have a subfolder i.e. and

Usually I do more prefer subdomain, for the sake of beauty of the URL and also it is quite simple to implement…

Anyway, I found an article describes what is the best way to use subdomain,folder or multiple domain at here

So the summary of the article is, use folder ( when we got small web. Use subdomain when the size of the web is medium and use multiple domain when your site is big. But for the best SEO result it would go Multiple domain, followed by subdomain and the last one folder.