most hangry framework?

First of all *hungry, sorry :unsure:

This is how the website i created in ZF Yii and Kohana looks

Just curious what is the most memory consuming framework?

I think if we take the most popular ones, ZF and Symfony2 I believe the most consuming…

I did a little test

For example if you compare Kohana with yii, with op code cache exactly the same website main page -

Kohana consume 400kb memory and it takes it 0.05 avg sec.

Yii doing the same using 1.1mb 0.02 avg sec.

Without op code cache

kohana 1.26 MB 0.1 сек. avg

Yii 3.132 mb Execution: 0.1 avg sec.

Yii way better than kohana in all aspects, but just interesting that Yii consume a lot of memory…

I just considering, if you develope some script for selling, and it can be on shared cheap hosting…

Maybe it is better to stick with less memory consuming FW ?

This is for example what Yii loaded, don’t sure if I can really cut the memory consumption

echo CVarDumper::dump(get_included_files(),10,true);

at end of index.php

And this is kohana (with Yii’s CVarDumper :D )

As you can see, in Yii I put most of the stuff in main template, but in Kohana I used blocks… so it means kohana can consume little less, and it can make it a little bit faster.

Actually tried to follow Yii includes and for now I can’t figure out where is the most heavy memory eating…

Maybe you curious about more framework with the same website…

So lets welcome Zend Frameworok

Used exactly the same block structure as with yii test, with banch of render partial etc.

the results are:

with op code cache:

avg time

0.02 sec.

Memory: 1113.195 kb

Peak: 1198.812 kb

(my custom view helper benchmark for Zend Framework :lol: )

without op code cache (actually used all the time zend optimizer+ on my zend server for all tests)

avg time 0.1 sec.

| Memory: 4262.648 kb | Peak: 4337.344 kb

files included:

I need to say more about zend…

Actually my test is kind of unfair for him…

Because I have

resources.db.adapter       = "PDO_SQLITE"

resources.db.params.dbname = APPLICATION_PATH "/data/db/db1.db"

resources.db.isDefaultTableAdapter = true

In my application.ini

While Yii uses lazy loading if I don’t use now the sqlite…

ZF includes it

So to be fare, if I remove this lines , cause I don’t really use DB in the test

avg time 0.1 sec. | Memory: 3197.203 kb | Peak: 3272.422 kb

And with op code cache

avg 0.018 sec. | Memory: 938.422 kb | Peak: 1024.031 kb

kicking Yii *ss :lol:

Included files the same, just db classes not included

And now cakephp…

I must say I don’t had the patience to learn it, so I just echo hello world from controller, no layout no render partials…

I give it 5 minutes to understand from documentation how to use layouts and views, but it is not logic to me and no good info in documentation…

If some one can create me a test app with layouts and views and content block with partial rendering, I would be glad :)

But for now


With op code cache

0.02 avg time

727kb memory

without op code cache


0.1 avg time

This is the included files

put get_included_files

in end of webroot/index.php maybe it is wrong, never worked with this FW


[b]Versions used:

Yii 1.1.8

Kohana: 3.2

ZF 1.11.10

cakephp 1.13.12[/b]


while in Yii kohana and zf was exactly the same website,

cakephp I used a simple echo "hello world"

because I don’t have the time to learn the documentation and it wasent at all intuitive … I must say it differs a lot from all the other frameworks I worked with…


With op code cache (zend optimizer+ used on zend server)

[b]Kohana 400kb / 0.05 avg sec

Yii 1.1mb / 0.02 avg sec.

ZF w/ 1113.195 kb / 0.02 sec.

ZF w/o 938.422 kb / 0.018 sec.

Cakephp 727kb / 0.02 avg

(but it is simple echo so you can multiply it for about 50% i believe)[/b]

No op code cache

[b]kohana 1.26 MB / 0.1 сек. avg

Yii 3.132 mb / 0.1 avg sec.

ZF w/ 4262.648 / 0.1 avg

ZF w/o 3197.203 / 0.1 avg

cakephp 3313mb / 0.1 avg


So the winners…

For this specific test and simple website I chose

Kohana is A winner in memory consumption

really small memory footprint

In speed, Yii and ZF twice faster than Kohana

If we make ZF to load lazy the DB classes, like Yii doing

because all FW where configured with pdo+sqlite

ZF wins… (sometimes it as fast as 0.012)


My personal framework kick all of this frameworks ;D

With really queries for news and top websites

w/ op code cache

It doing 2 db queries

generation avg time:

0.007 sec.

using memory: 365.547 kb

The screen is from it…

but all looks the same

Kohana is very close to Yii.

Not in philosophy though as Kohana is not a framework as such.

Throw CakePHP into the mix, please.

It’s more popular (still?) than Yii, but it’s extremely hungry.

Or at least CakePHP 1.3 was.

It made me switch to Yii. :)

jacmoe I don’t like kohana because its community “dead”…

And they change the framework a lot, and all the information on the web not that helping…

Added Zend Framework, actually it is kind of surprising that Yii and ZF actually the *same…

even that ZF consume more memory… it is super fast like Yii

And kohana… if you hate Yii use ZF :lol:

*Updated the test, when you remove the db connection because ZF preload it while Yii is lazy and don’t,

ZF actually consume less memory, and render the page noticbly faster :)

Decided to add some RPS…

Using the Zend Server benchmark tool:

op code cache - Zend optimizer+ used (like in my test above):

Kohana: 14 rps

Yii: 16 rps

Zend: 15 rps

just wonder why everybody think that ZF slow? mayne it became better in new versions?

interesting comparison :lol:

useful for choosing framework