Markdown Syntax

When commenting on an extension just now, I made sure to indent my code appropriately for Markdown use, but of course there was no actual effect to the resulting post.

Is Markdown just broken on the site, or is the code aspect of Markdown just not implemented?

BTW, Yii is pretty damn stable, so it would be nice to see the website finally get cleaned up / overhauled, as the broken bits throughout the site are irritating while also reflecting poorly on Yii (and suggests to many newcomers that if the website is this broken in areas, why wouldn’t the framework be the same way?)

EDIT: It’s not as broken as I imply, but it’s definitely not as polished as it should be, and polish is needed to draw in others more easily.

For instance, when visiting the Documentation page, why should you have to read a paragraph before you find where the API docs reside? Navigation needs to be more obvious for that page at least.

I just posted a comment on an extension and noticed I had to add an empty line between normal text and markdown content.