Make Yii grow

Yii is a fantastic framework, but it’s community is still relatively small compared to other frameworks.

How can we spread the word and make more people use it?

Some suggestions, users could:

  • make friends and coworkers use it

  • blog about it; problems, solutions, extensions, tricks, examples, news, etc

  • post problems and solutions about yii on stackoverflow

  • create extensions, write tutorials, etc

Yii developers could:

  • make more practical examples available in addition to the class reference (involve comments, like

  • advertising, sponsor events

  • try to get more books available

Any thougts?

I’m just working on a little something to make blogging about yii a lot more enjoyable.


planet yii.jpeg

Ran across this the other day:

Looks like StackOverflow would allow us to setup an advertisement for Yii and then upvote it to get it to display on StackOverflow. Thoughts?

Looks interesting, maybe it would be a good idea if the Yii admins opened a new forum section where people are encouraged to take part in this kind of initiatives


Once I started a blog, but cause my lack of free time couldn’t continue, perhaps will start it again sometimes, maybe when Yii2 gets released.

Done! :D

Haven’t done this one yet! Someday

We could use something like this:

but make it look less amateur-ish lol

Actually we were at StackOverflow once. That was the banner I’ve made: