Looking for a Yii based forum

I’ve been googling this for a while and the only thing I’ve found is yiiforo at myBB forums.

I was wondering if any of you have come across an opensource forum based on Yii yet?

I am seeking the same thing sapporo but the mybb “project” that techu is doing looks unpolished. But for demo purposes at least it’s a start.

Is that the yiiforo file that is listed on the first page of the thread or something else?

I have a feeling that myBB is going to take a while. PhpBB is going with some parts of symfony but a dev told me don’t expect anything any time this year.

I’m not looking for a phpBB replacement but rather something that works. Features can be added later.

  1. Mybb takes forever

  2. Phpbb is just ugly

We are developing something very soon, maybe you can give me some input as to what your looking for?

Haha! That design goes back a long ways!

Hmm, basics :)

What kind of time frame is "very soon"?

Not sure, though I do not want to give a date and then not meet the deadline.

I will keep ya in the loop.

I’m going to develop something rather basic throughout april and will share it via github. For the time being, yiiframework.co.il has gone open source. A part of their site contains a small forum. Be advised, though: It’s very basic.

I saw that too but having install issues :(

Perhaps if we all work together…the final product will be more dynamic?

Our idea for a yii forum will be integrated into our CMS and would closely resemble vb but will also take concepts from xenforo and ipb to create a ix of all.

Let me know if this interests anyone?

Hm. So you need this forum as a module?

The features I need so far are:

  • Organize threads into boards, which can be categorized

  • Let users sign up

  • Administration


  • Ban/suspend users

  • Move/reorganize boards and threads

[*] Moderation

  • Ability to close threads and edit other user’s posts

  • Ability to send users new activation codes

[*] Statistics

  • Forum wide: Top users, top threads, top boards, stats on the number of posts over the last ten days and some averages (avg posts/h for example)

  • Per user: Last posts, last threads, most visited boards etc.

[*] Easy themable (possibly let users select a theme)

[*] Feeds (Atom and RSS)

[*] Online view (let users see what others are doing)


I’d like to use highcharts to display some of the stats. That can be problematic if your CMS is a commercial application since that woudl require buying a license. However, I could just create a separate branch for that.

As for BBCode rendering: I’d like to use PECL::bbcode. If you know of a good userland alternative, let me know.

Edit: I almost forgot. I’d like to use MySQL/InnoDB as DB backend.

All those and more will be available when we get going with ARC.

If you really want to make this a community effort, why not start by implementing a full fledged - generic - commenting system?

That’s basically the heart of a forum.

Should be complete with notifications, quoting, whatever.

A forum is more or less grouped comments…

Just an idea.

If it was based on a commenting module - which could be used as-is - it would lead to code which is more widely used and thus more stable.

Forum software is quite complex. ;)

Hm, a comment system would require a broader approach and introduce more complexitivity. Actually, I’d like to be finished with the core by the end of this month.

There is one: https://github.com/knut/hamster

That too is about two notches away from what we actually need :lol:

The Vanilla forum announced recently that they are now offering a general purpose commenting system, like Disqus.

That has been around in a way for a while now.

They also offer a "framework" called garden.

Although, I do like vanilla it just seems to be a tad strange to have 2 frameworks.

One disadvantage to discus is that it doesn’t load at times or has latency problems. I visit techcrunch a lot and they use discus.