Logo Yii Framework

I'm separating the topic between logo and website creation. Here it is my logo for Yii Framework.

My idea is “Thinks Yii” for your application web. Its easy to remember. Give your suggestion.

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Nice try. I do not quite like a Square design (that houses the Yii sign). but I do not like the color pallete–orange, blue and green.

thanks for your opinion, moho.

other application color in logo.

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I like the third option, and I like the metaphor…

Yes, but it seems very close to "Yoo" rather than Yii.

Humm, let see… It's a sign of Yii and not a yii (text/mark). You have a sign and a mark. Example: Sign of NIKE. After a lot of views of the sign and mark, you remember forever.

Thanks for your opinion!

Here I show the mark "Yii" in logo. Maybe help us in the choice.

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The last one on the right, I love the round in the background and the idea :)

Great job.

Did you try to add two "i" under the bubbles?

Yes of course, but I already did it here and I didn't like. I'll post something with "i".

Thanks!  :)

New logo

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little bit strange (sorry ;) )

(I am not a designer at all) but if you try with the previous version to add just the l ( i without the point ) and use the point with the bubble (sorry hope it's clear ^^)

New logo:

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Demo View:

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ouhman: thanks for suggestion  :)

yf08 rocks!.. but the Y may be needs some work…

I like YF07. but the Font is too "square-ish". A little tweaking on the sharp corners of the font will get a A+++ from me.

oh wow love the yf07 and I think that yf08 have something unclear (maybe too complicated for the eyes)

great job!!

( I think that’s the entire Yii must be shown on the logo like you did it, very good job :))

see the logo yf07 updated!

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lovely :)

Great job  ;)

Great update. Close to final version.

I personally would make the right arm of Y a little big shorter and two little "i" smaller. maybe the right "i" a bit shorter? (I am not an artist but I know what I DO NOT like).

Are you an artist or close?

Looks very nice, I think that the "Y" should be lighter and its "hands" rounded (non square).

Good luck.

Artist… and I need time to work in the logo  ;) , because I’m developing a system web at this time with Yii.

Maybe small finishing touches, it would be good. I will return with those finishing touches later.