Local project development

Hi, everyone!

I want to ask something related to PHP-based project development environment.

Here is the case:

  1. I want to provide a development environment to several development teams (3-5 person per team).

  2. The projects that they will work on will be developed locally.

  3. SCM (like Git) would be used for main repository (locally, using GitLab CE).

My question is, what technology do I need to enable:

a. Automatic testing,

b. Automatic deployment (to local server), and

c. Project tracking, bugs, and documentation.

I have heard something like PHP-CI, Red Mine, etc. but still have no idea if those things are really what I need.

Do you have any suggestion about this?

Gogs or Gitlab or Phabricator - depends.

Options, lots of them, here:

I have just installed Kallithea on my server > https://code.jacmoe.dk/

I am happy with it.

It’s Python (Pylons).

Supports forks and pull requests in addition to the usual clone/push/pull with Git / Mercurial.

Since you can use hooks with it, I guess it is easy enough to hook it up with CI services.

Kallithea is a bit like Gitlab, but much easier to install, at least on Dreamhost. :)

It’s really useful for me. I don’t know anything about code but I’m trying to learn it.

What I should learn first?

Thank you guys, I’ve tried to learn Yii on 1 year and It feel like a charm! (I’m not a coder) xD

Hope Yii Frame 's forum moderator always fine!