Little problem/bug with the forum


Just a quick note regarding this forum (as in the software, not this specific forum) : I’m quite new here, and when trying to make my first post, before posting anything I hit Preview.

Then, all I get is some error, stating that "Since this is one of your first posts, you are not allowed to embed links in your post." followed by the content of my post – well, not really, since it has been processed a little, e.g. i read:

The problem is, there was no link in my post, just a :slight_smile: which, since emoticons are enabled by default, was then seen as a link.

It’s easy enough to disable emoticons, but:

  • emoticons probably shouldn’t not be seen as links

  • in such cases, it would be so much better/user-friendlier to show the posting page again, with the error message on top in some red area, and the post below it, so it can be modified/etc and posted/previewed again. Right now one needs to hit the browser’s “Back” button an hope that whatever had been typed shows up again (especially since the “error page” messed it up with a bunch of HTML) (FYI it did, I didn’t lose anything)


Thank you for reporting this…

actually few users already reported that they could not post emoticons (as they are a link to the picture)…

so we added a check for this… and from now new users can use emoticons even on the first posts…

Talking about emoticons, it would be fine if the alt text could show up (especially in the editor), like in the old forum. There may be some people, like myself, that don’t know the meaning of all emoticons. (For now I have to click “show all” to get at least some textual hints). :huh:


that’s on the forum software… we just added some restrictions to prevent SPAM messages as they was really annoying…