Licensing Of Code

I wonder what do you guys use (or do) in terms of licensing for your php code?

Encryption ? to check against an online server ? Etc…


OpenSourcing it ;)

It depends on what constraints you want on the permissions. There are a lot of options, so check out GPL and MIT licensing. Those are just a few.

What do you mean by "Encryption?" ?

I think blanco means how to protect PHP code from "theft".

I don’t think protecting (copyrighting) code based on Yii module is allowed.

It is allowed but kinda useless though. Anything can be broken and will be broken if it’s good enough.

That’s my favorite quote for today :)

does not seem right however. You are working off the ideas and hard work of others who opted to share these freely.

I think it’s a dirty play. Each of us get Yii for free so it’s the reason you should give up something for free to the community. Of course I mean extensions, components. If you build software based upon Yii then it’s a correct way to charge your users for using your products (or give it for free as open source).

At the end: I agree with @samdark :slight_smile:

being paid is one thing. "protecting" code is another…

I think AGPL addresses this a bit clearer - I’m not an expert though… ;)

Charging for software is OK. I was talking more about technical side of things. If something is so popular that everyone want it and it’s not free it will get to warez scene very fast no matter how advanced protection is. It is better to focus on the product and services instead of wasting time on protection.