License For Redactor Imperavi

hello, some days ago Russian Yii comminuty decided to start gathering of money (total sum - 400$) for buying license for beautiful WYSIWYG redactor (created by Imperavi Team Developers).

Here is the link:

We want to buy OEM type of license what means, that everybody who is using Yii will be able to use this redactor for free (it terms of official extension). If you want to help with this start-up, plz contribute your “1 dollar” to accomplish our goal :)

Here is the original topic:

Sam Dark is responsible for gathering money, so you can write him PM in this forum also.

Also there was a good proposal (by lancecoder) - to create a special fund for investing of buying licenses for such good stuff :) I think it will be useful for every user of Yii :)

Interesting idea.

So we’ll be able to use Redaktor legally in any Yii powered app( even commercial )?

I am definitely in, if thats the case.

Please provide more info how we can donate…

Unfortunately my Russian is limited, meaning I can listen to it but I don’t understand a word (Google translation don’t help either).

If you can explain to us in English:

  • how much money are already raised,

  • the Paypal account to donate and

  • when this would benefit me (how fast/when it will be included in English version of Yii)

I’m sure we can get the money in no time.

About $200 raised.

It will not be included in the Yii itself. Will be distributed as an extension. Extension will be supervised by me and will be available as soon as we’ll have OEM license (± two days to shape it).

OEM license allows using it as you like but we’ll limit it to Yii-based apps.

My paypal email

I think everybody is waiting for others, as is no point of donating if we can’t get it soon enough for our projects and we end up buying the developer version anyway. In addition, peoples may need it for other kind of projects, so would be nice if you can coordinate the integration with other platforms. I can help with a WordPress plugin, I’m sure we can have some other.

You just need to be very clear in how you’ll use it to maximize the benefits.

So here it is my proposal: let’s pledge some money to this and when we get the remaining $200 we all send them and we get the extension by Xmas.

So here it is:

I pledge $25.

Anybody else?

I pledged a small amount, too…

I guess we will have the $400 for the OEM license in no time.

$10 sent via PayPal.

Thanks for organizing this.

All done. Thanks to people in this topic and all the Russian Yii community who funded most of the sum. Now we have OEM license and here’s an extension:


Could you add language support to ImperaviRedactorWidget (

One example here:

Many thanks to all, who donated to buying this license!

Can someone explain, which version of Redactor extension is official one, supported by community after buying OEM license?

It seems that we have THREE Redactor extensions:

Which one is official, which one will be supported and further developed in the future and therfore – which one new projects should use?

Are other (than official?) extensions also covered by OEM license purchased by the community?

It would be nice, if other extensions authors would decide / inform users on their extension’s websites, whether they’re going to continue their work on their own versions of extensions or stop development, use their time to further develop “official” extension and place some info on extension’s website.

It seems that we have a little bit of mess with Redactor (or am I the only one that sees things like that?) and it would be nice to clean things out.


Which extension should be used to be able to make use out of bought license.

And which one has the best support / the biggest number of contributors, to be used in commercial projects?



Hi Trejder,

Here’s the official news. I guess the link in there is the right one:

Great and thanks!

Good question, why other extensions are not marked as discontinued (if they’re discontinued) and doesn’t provide link to official extension?

Correct me if I am wrong but it says "…so now it can be used for free for any Yii-based product". I guess that means you are able to use any extension as long as you are using Yii.

Yes, that’s my interpretation of Redactor’s license terms and the Yii announcement: we can use Redactor with Yii because the project has an OEM license.

Doesn’t matter if we’re using an extension or not.

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I added some info to my extension. Hope it helps.

Guys, I think you’ve misunderstood me!

I know, that you can use Redactor with any extension / application / project you’d like.

I’m just asking, if there is any reason behind keeping alive and maintaining three different extensions, that provides Redactor to Yii users? Someone could get confused, which one to use. Or am I wrong?

Wouldn’t be better and easier to declare one official extensions and ask other extensions’ authors to contribute to it, instead of wasting time to support three different? Of course, we can’t force anyone to do so, but we my suggest something like that, right?

If we already had two Redactor extensions in Yii repository, what caused Samdark to create third one, after purchasing OEM licensee?

Isn’t that situation a bit strange?

I created my version, so that it had support for version 8.0+ and language files. I also added default actions, so that users can easily add image and file upload support to their models.

I not sure which would be the best way to continue from here. Maybe we should only have the official one?

I also belive that maintaining only one extension for a particular library is the best solution.

But, on the other hand, I don’t want to discourage anyone (like you), who did a lot of work on own version, to just simply stop working on it. That would be unfair with both you (as the author) and all the users, that are still using it and maybe are not interested in switching into official one.

But, then again, having two similar extensions isn’t that good either.

So, this is really a tough decision! :expressionless: