jQuery image slider needed

Hi all.

I need an image slider that can deal with both "wide" (landscape) and "tall" (portrait) images.

There are lots of jquery gallery pluguns, the problem is they all suck at displaying portraits, and I’m too lazy to write my own.

"Gallerific" is ok, but last commit was in 2009.

PS. I don’t need “themes” and stuff like this, just zen-style slider.


do you want a mix of landscape and portrait images in one slideshow, or just use same plugin for landscape images in one place and for portrait images in other place of your site?

If you each of your slideshows will contain images of the same size try Zurb Orbit. Standalone version is deprecated and orbit was moved to foundation, but you can still download old version, check if it’s ok for you and extract a new version from foundation if needed.

Yes, I need a mix of landscape and portrait, and, btw, they can be of different ratios (4x3, 8x12, 6x6, and so on).

That’s the main problem.