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I’ve never applied for any of the job openings but am closely watching each one as they are posted. There is one common thing about all posters. Each job post is the first post ever for the poster in this forum. Isn’t this a bit freaky or I am just overlooking things. Most of them are people with only one post (the job one) and they have companies or are hr/managers of a company which already uses Yii in all their projects/business. What do you think? Any experience?


I replied to one once, the conversation was friendly and I was asked for a quotation. After that I never heard a thing. Either my quote was way off or they were just looking for a price to re-submit to their client.

My guess is the latter is true, apparently the previous developer was fired, I think the company I responded to was not actually the company that did the firing but an company looking to be hired instead.

FWIW I never felt comfortable and I googled the company name and found a tweet where a developer accused them of stealing intellectual property.

I think I dodged a bullet! :D


at least you didn’t waste your time and failed victim. Thanks for you sharing. Researching before committing any time is a must. Do you think we should have stricter policy for people posting in the job’s section such as having at least a number of posts before they can post a job. What do you think?

IMO restricting to a number of posts makes no sense… if someone wants to trick you, it will do it regardless if he has 1 or 10 posts… that’s on his conscious…

A very likely situation can be that the user that posts the job announce has come to this forum just for that - to find a Yii programmer, maybe he is not a programmer at all, maybe it is but did not do anything with Yii, yet

Those situations already happened in this section (note, I did not reply to any posts, got this just from reding the posts)…

In any case…

To all developers reading this:


If any of you get "tricked" from someone that has posted the job request on this forum… let us all other know that by re-posting on the job offer… write exactly what happened so that others can read that and know that the poster does not honor the terms.[/i]

Actualy that happened once too… someone posted a second job offer… and one of Yii developers from this forum wrote there that he answered the first job offer… did the work, got payed for the first week of work… but for the second and third week did not get payed and nobody is replying to his mails… in the end the community decided to ban the job poster… so he is not a member of the forum anymore.

Thanks for your input mdomba. RE your opinion that a fraudster would register irrespective to the rules I would say and yes and no. If they commit to achieving 15 posts just for the sake of posting a false opportunity then every one of us would be able to see his 15 posts and judge whether they are genuine ones (if the person has helped someone with Yii difficulties) and can make up a decision based on that. I am not saying that would filter all but even if it filters 50% of the false posts in that section it would be a progress. Another thought of mine is to have a section where people can report their bitter experience so we all know…unless there is one that I’ve missed :)

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

Don’t forget that they can just post questions… and again… a job offerer can be anybody - not only a yii developer… so if a company owner wish to offer a job and we restrict him to have 15 posts… IMO he will move along and not post the offer at all…

For fraudulent offers… as I wrote above… the best thing is to post under the job offer…

I’m having a great experience on a job that started with a post here.

It’s a very early and promising startup with a wonderful team. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and I plan to do it for a long time.

It’s my second Yii-related job, both from posts here.

Before, I’ve been applying to a few posts, but never had trouble or felt uncomfortable. But I’m very selective and I don’t apply to most posts.

The first job I had was from a post by the company owner. He’s a developer, but not a Yii developer. It was his first post here.

The second and current job is from a post by a company employee. He’s a designer. He had a couple posts here.

Another experiences I had were with a guy who asked for help with learning the framework and an with an entrepreneur. They had just a couple of posts here.

All good experiences.

All of them sought for information regarding languages and frameworks. They all chose Yii.

In both companies I was part of the first team of developers hired.

Remember that not only developers start web-based companies.

I believe that the above are valid reasons for the job posts to be the first ever for the poster.

Can you charge them for posting a job. Even $2 just to get a credit card or extra security.

We all have be burnt.

I also have good experience in finding job on this website. My client had just few posts, but like mdomba said, client might not be developer, and even if he is developer, he maybe joined yii community just to hire somebody, because this is the best place to find yii developers.