Is Yii The Right Choice For Us?


we are currently in the planing phase of a new and very big project and so we are looking for the right framework for us…

The Application will have a complete ExtJS frontend and a php/mysql backend.

Is YII the best choice for us here?

And will it make sense to wait for YII2?

Thanks for your suggestions,


Yii is a great framework. Just start work. We have completed 2 big projects in yii framework. Dont wait for Yii2.

Yii is the best framework.

Try Yii and Symfony.

And pick the one you like to work with.

It really depends on your development style and what you need from a framework.

There is quite a few really large applications written with Yii, so that is not a limitation.

I think where Yii falls short is testing.

Although you can do quite a lot, it is not as feature complete as testing in Symfony.

I guess you’ve read the blog post by Weavora Team?

I have to admit that it made me want to use Symfony.

However, the reason why I’m using Yii is that it gives me more flexibility and because I like the way it works.

It’s highly subjective, though.

Which is why I suggest that you try out Yii and Symfony, and perhaps a few other frameworks.

Hi jacmoe,

thanks for you answer :)

I already made some project using Symfony, but there is a lot overhead, that we are not using.

So we are looking for something else, that is a little bit more lightweight and that brings me to YII :)

That’s what we need:

  • a good and fast MVC

  • a good bridge to ExtJS 4.x

  • a nice, fast and robust ORM or AR (create the models from DB)

  • Commandline support, because we have a lot task, that will be run periodically

  • easy extendable

Yes, thats all :)

But we will not start a new project using YII 1.1…

Because, the new project will be a huge one and we need to support that for the next 5 or more years



Here is what you want:

Hopefully :)

May I suggest that you start with Yii 1.x ?

Yii 2.x is still a long way from being released.

My projects are going to be upgraded to it in parallel (separate upgrade branch) and then merged in when it’s ready.

The overall Yii-ness of Yii will not change, so take it as an opportunity to refactor your app as part of the upgrade process.