is yii suitable for creating https website?

I mean those websites usually concerned with security problems, like: banking website etc…

any successful previous experiences etc…?


Yes, it is.

Yes I use https on my site, and it works fine.

I am even using an Yii extension I found somewhere that forces pages to be secure or not secure automatically, so you can have the login page secure while others not encrypted, to save server resources.

Rangel, which is that extension?

And other question…, is it a good practice to make a secure login by SSL and then navigate on the rest of the site without SSL?

Depending on information you have on your website.

For example if user can change his account information,you should make those pages secured too.

Didn’t spot a yii extension, but this blog post looks helpful:

HTTPS is a transport protocol, it is simply a pipe that data is sent down. The pipe has no influence over the data that is flowing through it.

You can run ANY web traffic over HTTPS, the reason for picking and choosing when to use HTTPS is due to performance issues. There generally is a performance hit involved in the encryption. If you have a busy site where your servers are being pushed you may need to be choosy over what you run through HTTPS, if they’ve got plenty of headroom it might be worth encrypting the lot. As with anything else, Test. Test. Test. is the motto to live by.