Is Yii Really Faster?

I always believed that Yii was the fastest, but I read that if you use any opcode cacher it basically all becomes the same. So i googled an XCache benchmark and found this PHP Framework Comparison and it seems that under medium load server response time is more or less equal in all frameworks and new Kohana is even a bit faster. Is this really how it is nowadays? I mean speed is not really a real edge anymore with opcache?

Well, opcache makes everything faster, that’s true.

Pixie is hardly a framework, so really has no place at all in such a benchmark.

I assume they put it there because it is pixies site =)

I didn’t consider the pixie itself, what I was more interested is Yii vs Kohana and Laravel.

Its kinda like the Volkswagen with the sticker on the back that says "When I grow up, I wanna be a Porsche!".

Btw, they updated the benchmark to include also statistics without opcache. You should check it out. Yii is still pretty fast