Is Yii easy to learn?

As stated in title: is Yii easy to learn and use? It is about to learn it as fast as possible and implement it to use. How much time is needed to learn basics?

Depends on what do you know now. Yii certainly requires good programming skills, PHP, at least basics of object oriented programming. If you know all that, then you can start in a week. After a month or two you’ll be doing things correctly. After about 3 months you should be comfortable. After about a year you may master the framework if you want that.

Past experience with any MVC framework may help a lot. Experience with either .net MVC or any Java framework proved to be really helpful as well.

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So in overall it seems to be fast to learn an master, nice! :D Thank you for your advices

I find Yii much easier to learn, compare to Laravel. Yii 2’s documentation is more straightforward, and API is much easier to understand.

If you are good at PHP then it will be not so tough. And depends on how many active hours you are spending to learn Yii. Did you tried Symfony before?

As @samdark said, Yii is easy to learn and use but you need some previous knowledge. My advice is going step by step through the official documentation doing some test project. In a couple of months you will be able to do useful stuff. Best of luck for you!

If I haven’t learnt PHP and CSS before. Is It tough? Or I need to follow a basic PHP course first?

Thanks first.

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I guess you can learn PHP while you learn Yii - it depends :)

Perhaps you can even learn it while learning something a bit simpler, like one of the micro-frameworks?

Silex is nice:

If you try to learn both, then I think it would be better. Silex will teach you about what happens behind the scenes in Yii.

I learn best when I work with something that is important to me.

So doing textbook exercises is not a good idea for me. I need a project that I want to do - I learned PHP while making a bug/issue tracker :)

You need to figure out what works best for you.

It is easy to learn Yii if you know the basics of PHP MVC structure. Get brief of MVC from Google. you’ll get tons of sites and video tutorials that could help you. After establishing strong knowledge of PHP MVC go for How to program with Yii, for good video tutorials, follow these Yii2 Lessons – YouTube.

You can start from basic template and then move to advanced template.

At last, there is a no shortcut to hard work. So, if you want to learn something, you must spend considerable time learning it.

Yes it is! :grinning:

agree with you)

So in overall it seems to be fast to learn an master, nice!!

It’s not easy to learn. Every time I try to learn it, I’ve to give up. Always get lost in it’s infinite configurations and twisted maze of application structure. It’s very complex. I know that those who have learned yii will always say it’s easy but trust me it’s not. If you are an expert in php then it may be a bit easier otherwise it’s a total mess for non-php experts. Good luck!

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Nothing is impossible. It seemed very hard to me in the beginning. Now it’s okay. :grinning:

I was learning Symfony and Yii2.
And Yii2 is much easier to understand than Symfony and has better documentation.

Just to add my 2 cents, it took me nearly 2 years to become comfortable with Yii2.

A large part of it has to do with you background. For me, I dabbled with basic HTML, CSS, PHP, but was far from experienced. Thus, learning Yii also involved becoming experienced with all things (HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, BootStrap, PHP, … and of course Yii itself). I struggled very seriously for the first year. Tried books (filled with errors, so the examples didn’t work), Youtube (there are a couple good source there!), and this forum (where I’ve always gotten some very helpful advice!).

I’ve always struggled with Yii’s documentation and am only now (after 3-4 years) starting to become a little more comfortable with it, but I’ve always found it lacking in examples, options arguments, … So in my experience Google is your best friend. As always, the real issue is you first have to know what to search for before you can find it and that can be challenging, especially when you are starting off.

Also, before trying to develop features, look over the available extensions, most of the time someone else has already done it and you can plug and play in a matter of minutes.

Yii is great, it’s been a fun experience and made me much better developer! I highly recommend it.


If you have strong OOP concepts and hands on skills in core php then hardly it will take a month to master any framework like Yii to get full expertise provided that you give proper time and dedication.