Is this the right place to start?

I have been developing with PHP, off and on, for years. That is to say, my day job has nothing to do with programming, but I’ve been creating sites for myself and others using PHP for a while. Not many, maybe 5 or 10 a year and not all have been done in PHP from scratch. For example, lately I’ve been working with WordPress a lot.

I understand the concepts of OOP. I get classes and objects. I’ve done some tutorials and I understand the concept of MVC.

I started running through some tutorials on Ruby on Rails and then realized that maybe I should stick to a language I have some experience with, which brought me here to Yii.

My question, then… is Yii the right place to be learning OOP, or should I already be proficient in OOP before I start working with Yii.

I must admit, I’m having a bit of trouble trying to teach myself both OOP and the Yii framework at the same time.

I think I can do it, but maybe there’s a better way? Suggestions?


Don’t worry about trying to understand it - just dive in. :)

MVC in web programming is just perfect - there is a very clear distinction between what is model, view and controller.

Much clearer than in desktop application programming in C++.

Your knowledge will grow as you get proficient with more and more tools/topics/techniques.

Don’t worry about it.

And if you get stuck, the Yii community is here for you. ;)

Yii is among the accessible MVC PHP frameworks, so you’ve picked the right tool IMO.

Thanks. You’ve convinced me. I’ll keep working at it.